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Float Glass - Carrollton, TX

Innovative Glass Products in Carrollton, TX provides high-quality float glass at the high demand rate of our clients. We distribute float glass from Cardinal Glass Industries, and Guardian Glass to offer you a wide variety of float glass options. We also use our high-quality float glass in the manufacturer of our Insulated and tempered glass products, Tough Edge Sure-Seal and Tough Edge Sure-Temp. Our partnerships allow us to offer flexibility in our float glass, allowing for many different thickness levels, from 2.2mm to 6mm that are necessary for the residential market.  


Float glass is used in most modern windows, whether residential or commercial. It is made by floating a bed of molten glass on a bed of molten metal, usually tin, to give the glass a uniform thickness and flat surface. Call Innovative Glass Products today to learn more about our different float glass options. 

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