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Information about Glass Products in Carrollton, TX

Safety & reliability for your home or office

Innovative Glass Products offers a wide variety of laminated glass options from the top vendors in the world, which dampen outside noise and provide extra safety to your home or business. IGP offers glass that has met strict industry codes.

Tough Edge Sure-Seal Glass

Along with distributing some of the highest quality Insulated Glass in the industry, Innovative Glass Products produces its own high-quality Insulated Glass called Tough Edge Sure-Seal, at our Carrollton, TX facility.

We can match any coated product on the market

Innovative Glass Products distributes and fabricates IG units all the leading LoE products in the industry. With a wide variety of coated glass options, Innovative Glass Products has the right product for you and your clients.

Tough Edge Sure-Temp Glass

IGP has spared no expense by installing the latest glass tempering machines at our new facility to manufacturer the best custom quality tempered glass products made-to-order, called Tough Edge Sure-Temp.

With multiple vendors, we have what your client needs

Innovative Glass Products in Carrollton, TX provides high-quality float glass at the high demand rate of our clients. We distribute and manufacture float glass from Quanex building products, Cardinal Glass Industries, Guardian Glass, and Vitro/PPG.

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